A Question of Balance …

I caught up with a friend today over a coffee and we had an interesting conversation about balance. Not the type of balance that makes me physically rubbish on a swiss ball, rather the kind that trips me up emotionally.

Anyone that knows me would probably describe me as an ‘all or nothing’ kind of person. This behaviour manifests itself very clearly in the gym and in my relationship with food. My mindset is such that I think a good work out must be conducted at 100 miles an hour and leave me sweating buckets (this explains my love of Spinning) the thought of doing Yoga or even going for a relaxing swim has always left me cold. Equally when it comes to food it’s all soya milk, organic tea and vegetables or consuming mountains of white bread and crisps. The idea of some middle ground just never occurs to me. It does not compute!

I started pondering my current circumstances and the impending surgery on my foot and remembered an old Buddhist proverb I’d once read. The proverb says “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear”.

When I realised I could no longer do Spin classes due to pain levels I automatically reverted to type. Well, I thought, that’s it I can’t do anything! For a month I didn’t go near the gym and started eating A LOT. Then it finally dawned on me, concentrate on what you can do not what you can’t. That’s obvious I hear you cry but for me it was a revelation. Could it be that my foot is my teacher?

Since then I’ve done the following:-

  1. Had a new programme written at the gym to better accommodate the physical restrictions of my foot.
  2. Started swimming again. Nothing mad, just notching up the lengths because somethings better than nothing right?
  3. Begun weighing and storing food and snacks into portion sizes.
  4. Booked 10 personal training sessions, 1 for each week counting down to surgery.
  5. …. and maybe most importantly of all, finally started this Blog.

Have you had problems with balance? What does it take for you to get on an even keel?

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