Be Prepared …..

As every good Scout knows we should always “Be Prepared” and that’s exactly what I’m aiming to be today.

Work often means I am away from home and staying in hotels. This is an interesting aspect of my life as a freelancer but it’s also a known trigger for my diet to waver. Without preparation and a great deal of thought I can easily be tempted by the hotel menu. In addition boredom can quickly lead to snacking.

This morning I organised a little emergency pack to take with me. It contains:-

3 servings of almonds for a healthy snack each day
3 of my 2 piece portions of dark chocolate for the evenings
Water and a bag of chopped carrots for the train journey
Fork and spoon to enable me to buy a healthy dinner and eat it in my room

Emergency Pack!

I’ll let you know if this helps keep me on the straight and narrow over the next 3 days.

Give me a shout if you have any healthy snack ideas that travel well.

2 thoughts on “Be Prepared …..

  1. As I know you have a sweet tooth I saw this and thought of you. It’s called Gnosis Raw Chocolate and is apparantly the world’s most nutritious chocolate! Can by it on line.

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