Limited Choices …

Last night I arrived at my hotel too late to get to a supermarket to buy a healthy evening meal so was faced with the task of finding something sensible in the hotel restaurant. As it turns out this proved almost impossible.

I present Exhibit A – An extract of the salad options from the menu.

Healthy Options, Pah!

The ‘sticky chicken goujon salad’ at a staggering 839 calories.
The ‘salmon nicoise’ salad at 649 calories.
The ‘stilton and pear’ salad at 747 calories, or
The ‘chicken Caesar’ salad at 512 calories.

These were the supposedly healthy options on offer. If I wanted a regular evening meal I could have gone for the beef, ale and mushroom pie at humongous 1424 calories or various other horrors.

In the end my resolve held and although I didn’t leave the restaurant feeling satisfied or full at least I didn’t crumble at the first hurdle.

In case you were wondering, I went for a very bland soup on the starter menu. It’s amazing what half a pot of pepper can achieve!

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