Woman on a Mission in Marks and Spencer …

It’s my final night away on business and the last time this week that I am required to dodge the ‘A la Carte’ experience (said with tongue planted firmly in cheek) that is my hotel restaurant.

Tonight to celebrate I enjoyed a bed picnic for one, courtesy of that great British tradition the Marks and Spencer Food Hall and my newly acquired or perhaps, relocated willpower.

Healthy Bed Picnic!

The Bed Picnic menu was as follows …

1 x chicken breast (skin removed, naturally!)
1 x rainbow salad (includes yumminess such as chickpeas, edamame beans, pomegranate seeds, spinach leaves, lentils and peppers)
1 x fat free vanilla yoghurt
1 x banana
A bottle of water

In the past I’ve always linked working away with treating myself. The odd glass of wine at the end of the day, a flapjack and a bag of crisps “because you’ve been working hard and deserve it”. I’m sure you get the picture.

It was, I admit a little strange coming out with no snacks and nibbles but I’ve come to realise I’m carrying this blog around on my shoulder like a little voice of conscience and well, so far it’s working! Long may the voice of fit foot keep me in line!

I would however appreciate more ideas to add to my defences so would love to know what tactics you use to keep yourself in line?

2 thoughts on “Woman on a Mission in Marks and Spencer …

  1. Hello we are so impressed with your choices you are very focused. I had the same issue with a picnic ! What normally goes in my picnic is sausage rolls pork pies sandwiches etc etc not very healthy ! However when I went to chessington zoo on Saturday I took a small packet of sushi, prawns in a pot , skinless chicken and fruit and it was yummy. I didn’t feel sluggish come the afternoon and was quietly chuffed with myself xx

  2. Hi Helen and welcome to ‘fit foot’! I think what we’ve both demonstrated is that a little mindfulness can triumph over conditioning … to you Picnics = Pastry / to me working away = treats. Jillian Michaels (Biggest Loser) recommends asking “will this decision help me to get to my goals?” …. seems like good advice to me.

    (ps) lovely to receive comments, it makes me feel I’m actually speaking to someone! Xx

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