Lead Us Not into Temptation ….

If you are a frequent viewer of the Biggest Loser (personally for me its the US version all the way, Jillian and Bob kick arse!) you will know of the temptation challenges.

Are you going to play temptation?

Usually contestents are faced with calorific foods which they must eat in order to win a prize. In some cases the prize is a 1lb advantage at the next weigh in or sometimes its immunity from elimination. Alternatively contestants can choose not to play.

I’ve watched numerous players wolf down days and days worth of calories in pursuit of something they could have achieved in the gym, if only they had believed in themselves enough. In a weight loss show it’s a great example of twisted logic.

So, why am I pondering this on the 15.59 Virgin Pendalino train to London Euston? Well the answer is that the food and drink service just came round and as I’m luxuriating in 1st Class I could choose whatever I liked for free. I could have had lovely Tyrells crisps, a JD and Coke, peanuts, sandwiches, wine and so on and so on. But at what cost to my goals?

I’ve worked too hard all week to fall into that trap so after a little thought and mindfullness all I had was a bottle of water from the service. I had the water alongside a salad and fruit I’d brought earlier to avoid this exact scenario and sat back to watch my fellow passengers munching and crunching away.

See I’m getting good at this preparation stuff and I think I just won round one of temptation!

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