Weight Loss Goals in Your Face ….

It is fair to say I’m one of life’s strivers. If I don’t have a goal(s) in place I tend to find myself all at sea and restless for the next mountain to climb, thing to learn or ideal to work towards.

When I say goals I don’t mean dreams. I’m talking tangible, measurable, specific goals that move me from A to B. Dreams are great but I often find them too wooly as they tend to start with “I really wish” or “I’d love to” and often stay in the head.

Thats why I’m really enjoying writing this blog as it’s helping me to refocus on what I want, who I want to be and how I’m going to get there.

I’ve made a small step on my goal setting by adding a link at the top of the blog. Goals and Progress will be where I set monthly and eventually longer term goals and track my progress against them.

One of my key short-term goals relates to my foot surgery. To give myself the best head start possible I intend (notice the language, I didn’t say “want”) to lose 14lb (1 stone) by the end of November. That will be 14lbs less that I have to carry around on crutches.

Visual Goal

In addition to writing down my progress against this goal in the Weight Loss pages I have rigged up a great visual reminder that I’ve placed opposite my favourite chair. I intend to watch these happy coloured balls move from one jar to the other and hope that by doing so my motivation will remain high. I’ll let you know how I get on!

For the more eagle-eyed amongst you, you will notice 7 balls have already made it into the lbs lost jar … check out the Weight Loss link folks as Week One has gone kinda good!!

What are you goals at the moment? What are you striving for?

2 thoughts on “Weight Loss Goals in Your Face ….

  1. So now you have mis-calculated you now have to move two more balls ie 7lbs – congratulations that is fantastic well done. We love your blog keep on witing xx

  2. Thanks World Travellers! Normally I am very self critical when trying to lose some lbs, always thinking I could have done better but on Sunday I was over the moon! X

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