Orphans in My Wardrobe ….

Okay, hands up who has a wardrobe full of items that you never wear? Yep, me too and that’s what todays post is all about.Today I had a look in my wardrobe and realised the clothes I’m unable to wear fall into a number of different categories.

There is the outfit that once looked great but now the zip won’t do up without a fight and once it’s fastened tends to result in an alarming muffin top. There’s the special occasion outfit that cost a fortune, I worked so hard to slim into, felt great in then immediately gained weight and never wore again. There is of course the I’ll slim into this one day outfit and finally numerous items that although they can be done up just look god awful due to one to many extra lbs.

Heres a selection of my current wardrobe orphans:-

The “Favourite pair of jeans that always make me feel good”

Ah yes, there they are my favourite Esprit jeans … perfect for the Autumn & Winter as they look great with boots and knitwear. I bought them in Spain which reminds me of a year of  healthy eating, walks on the beach and lots of gym work. I glowed, I felt great and I LOVED these jeans. Do they fit now? After a fashion but unfortunately I can’t breathe too well or indeed sit down….sob.

The “I’ve only worn this twice”

Ahhh, The Carrie Skirt. It was in every fashion magazine and then it was in my wardrobe. I thought it was tad tight when I bought it but they were selling like hot cakes and I thought if I lose a couple of lbs it’ll look great. I’ve worn it twice, making its cost per wear t0o eye watering to repeat.

The “I worked hard to get in this, the one time I wore it”

My fortieth Birthday was looming and a long weekend with friends and family had been planned in Las Vegas to go out in style. I was determined to look as good as I could and set about exercising and eating well. I did just that and managed to fit into this unforgiving silk jumpsuit which is a dress size smaller than what I normally wear. Unfortunately I only managed to get into it that one time. As per usual as soon as the goal came and went I fell off the wagon, put weight on and haven’t worn it since.

We could be here for hours so I haven’t taken pictures of the Whistles dress, 2 pairs of Topshop trousers and 1 pair of Topshop jeans that are also languishing in the wardrobe unloved and gathering dust.

What a sorry state of affairs and what an absurd waste of money.

I vow to get back into all these outfits and when I do I’ll post the pictures here as proof!

Do you find yourself in a similar position? Whats the one outfit you would love to get back into if only you could?

3 thoughts on “Orphans in My Wardrobe ….

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