A Teeny Tiny Wobble ….

Urgggghhhhhh 😦

I experienced the first kink in the road on this journey of mine today.

Last night I went to bed feeling rough, didn’t sleep at all well and woke up feeling rougher. So far so rubbish.

By lunchtime I’d only managed to eat 1/2 a tin of soup and a wholemeal bread roll, this was topped up later on with a handful of dried mango and a fat free yoghurt.

I then proceeded to drive 50 miles to a family engagement where I drank 2 cups of water and therefore it won’t take a genius to work out that by the time I was driving back home again I was a) ravenous and b) very tired. The last half of my journey was spent obsessing over food.

On a positive note I did manage to talk myself out of a craving for a Chinese Takeaway meal, so hoorah for me.

I did however end up buying dinner from a branch of Marks and Spencer attached to a petrol station. My blood sugar was so shot by the time I was buying the food that a large prawn salad and a grab bag pack of quavers found their way into the basket.

182 calories / 0.9g saturated fat

Eating crisps was not something I had planned on doing for the next few months so I am a little fed up with myself but the truth is I was out of control by this point and wasn’t applying a great deal of mindfullness to my choices. Ho hum … I should just be pleased that the crisps in question are at the lighter end of the scale in terms of calories and saturated fat. It could have been a hell of a lot worse.

Tomorrow is another day and speaking of tomorrow it’s weigh in day. Fingers and toes are crossed in anticipation of a good result and with that, I’m off to bed.

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