The Ripple Effect ….

I’ve been thinking today about influence and impact. More specifically how people have been influencing me recently and how it now seems I am influencing others. I call this the ‘ripple effect’.

I think I’ve been unconsciously soaking up other peoples journeys until the time was right for me to set off on one of my own.

For example this year has seen my Brother become a Triathlete. He has worked so hard to transform himself from being overweight and not very fit to this powerhouse who is now swimming, running and cycling in competitive races. Then there’s my friend Emma who’s an expat living in Brooklyn, NY, who after quite sometime of doing no exercise at all has taken herself off and joined a beginners running course and is now building up slowly and enjoying the delights of the beautiful Prospect Park. Then there’s Sarah who woke up one day and decided she didn’t want to be the “biggest person in the room” and has become a card carrying gym bunny! Even my Mum has joined Weight Watchers and is striving to become healthier and slimmer….no doubt in some part influenced by the ripple effect of my Sister in Law, Helen doing so well by taking this route.

The triumphs of friends, family and the inspirational blogs I have been following all helped me to decide to challenge myself, what a great gift.

…… and on the ripples go.

The other half is now eating egg white omelettes with me and enjoying them, he’s talking about joining a gym because “I could do with toning up a little” and is taking cereal to work to reduce the amount of junk food he consumes 🙂

It’s watching people striving to improve and having acknowledgement of what I’m trying to achieve that makes me so determined to be the best I can be.

Remember “No one can change a person, but someone can be a persons reason to change.” 

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