6 Week Countdown to Ouch ….

This will be me in 6 weeks time, although due to it being the end of November in the UK I’m unlikely to be in the garden with a songbird perched on my toes.


So what is being done to fit foot? Well I’m having Podiatric Surgery which involves something called a Mid Foot Fusion. Essentially it means shaving bone from my big toe joint and straightening and repining, shortening my 2nd toe and repining and fusing my mid foot joint and pinning and plating it. Oh what joy.

The surgery itself is fairly swift. It’s performed under a local anaesthetic (how odd will that be?!) and I’ll be home the same day. The issue really is post surgery as the foot bones need time to knit and heal which means a slow slow frustrating (did I say slow?) road back to normality.

This is what recovery looks like:-

Days 1-3 – Bed rest, on crutches walk to and from the toilet and every hour on crutches walk into each room on the floor I am on (lucky I don’t live in a mansion!)

Days 4-7 – Semi-weightbearing on crutches. Maximum 20 minutes activity in 1 hour period. Anywhere you see the term Semi-weightbearing it means no more than 20kg (have you seen my weight?!)

Day 7 – First redressing.

Days 8-14 – Semi-weightbearing on crutches. Maximum 40 minutes activity in 1 hour period. Rest of the time the foot must be elevated.

Day 14 – Second redressing, review x-ray, sutures removed. Remain semi-weightbearing on crutches all the way to ……

Week 8 – Review x-ray. Gradually return to weightbearing with crutches.

Weeks 8-16 – Return to full weightbearing. Gradually return to normal activity. You foot may still ache and be swollen at the end of the day. See a Psychiatrist to sort out your head having been so inactive for so long (poetic licence by fit foot).

During this time I will be sporting a rather sexy fashion forward surgical boot and dressings. This is the look everyone is sporting for the Christmas party season, apparently.

I apologise in advance to all loved ones should I turn into a banshee during in this time. It’s not me, it’s my fit foot.

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