The Alternative Exercise Club ….

Earlier I found I was feeling a bit annoyed with myself that I haven’t made it to the gym consistently this week.  I went on Sunday for a personal training session and did a ViPR workout at the gym on my own yesterday.

Then I got to thinking, it’s not like I’ve been sitting an my backside eating cupcakes all week. In fact other than a meal out on Wednesday evening I have been borderline angelic on that front. I’ve eaten more egg white omelettes and griddled tuna steaks than you can shake a stick at.

So I’ve decided to reframe my efforts this week, I was not a prolific gym go’er but instead a member of the ‘alternative exercise club’.

This is what I did:-

I have spent time in the garden generally tidying up as things die back in preparation for the Winter months. I got on my hands and knees and planted 60 Spring bulbs which will bring colour and scent to the garden next year.

Alternative Exercise

I have been emptying my spare bedroom of boxes and sifting through age old files of paperwork. This is in preparation for it’s transformation to an office next year and has led to multiple trips up and down the stairs to the recycling bin. I’ve been stripping wallpaper and tomorrow will start to hack back the plaster work (with the help of my lovely Dad, thanks Dad) to the brick.

It’s gonna get worse before it gets better!

If an hours worth of gardening is known to burn somewhere in the region of 250 calories then surely all the lifting, bending and stretching will count for something come my next appointment with the scales.

Here’s keeping everything crossed!

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