Tears in the Gym ….

What the hell was the matter with me today? I actually cried at the gym during my PT session, good heavens!

It started with the scales. I’m being weighed in kgs and am rubbish at doing a quick conversion in my head to lbs. I thought i’d lost a measly 1lb. I was immediately annoyed with myself and as soon Lauren started putting me through my paces a little voice in my head kept on telling me I was weak. Basically it went downhill from there on. I was very tired and everything felt heavier than normal. Lauren kept on trying to point out that I was doing everything she was asking of me, and doing it well but I was on such a negative downer that nothing helped. In the end I got so frustrated I cried.

Having had some time to process my thoughts I’ve realised I was simply reverting to type and doing something I wrote about in a previous post about balance. I’ve gone back to that all or nothing way of thinking and am currently at I have to be working out like a demon and losing loads of weight, immediately if not sooner. Today I lost sight of the fact that I smashed my original goal for this month in 1 week and previous to starting this blog hadn’t exercised for a month.

Balance fit foot, balance!

So lets look at things in perspective.  Today I did 2 new exercises one where I was lifting an 8kg ViPR over my shoulders in between squats and the other using the ropes.


I did the ‘double wave’ which involved small and abrupt movements. It’s meant to improve strength in the shoulders and arms, something which will be a great help when on crutches. I suspect that tomorrow my arms are going to be screaming as they ache now!

I have plenty to be proud of I just need to be mindful of that more often. When I got home I realised I’d actually lost 2lb (see weight loss) so quite what that little episode was about escapes me!!

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