On the Road (Again) ….

Here I am again working away from home with all the temptation that it brings. Just to test me a little more my hotel is attached to a TGI Fridays restaurant which you have to walk past on the way to Reception. I can’t tell you how much I fancied a blue cheese burger and fries when I first arrived, sob.

Typical TGI Fridays fare

…. followed a 10 foot tall Sundae!

Luckily I had a Marks and Spencer Crayfish and Mango Salad in my bag and a low fat yoghurt … catastrophe avoided due to planning ahead, phew.

To get to Leeds today I had long train journey so I decided to catch up on some Podcasts I downloaded a while ago. I listened to The Jillian Michaels Show (Biggest Loser USA Trainer) and amongst other things the topic was ‘Stop Snacking Tricks’.

Some of the tips I was aware of already, others were new to me but regardless it’s always good to have a reminder to make you focus a little clearer.

So here’s what Jillian recommends:-

Choose foods to snack on that are time consuming I.e need shelling or peeling as eating slower will give the bloodstream time to register a sugar hit.

Put higher calorie snacks on a proper plate. This way you are more likely to enjoy and acknowledge what you are eating. This trick avoids mindlessly eating foods without even registering the taste.

If you find you are heading for a binge engage yourself in dialogue OUT LOUD! Ask, “what am I gong to do to compensate for this?”, “do I really want this?” Etc …. This will help you to pause, effectively putting the breaks on and to let the reasoning part of the brain kick in.

Avoid eating food in front of the TV. It’s been shown that people eating whilst watching TV consume more calories, eat their food quicker and less mindfully.

Portion out your snacks, have an allocated amount, not a whole box or bag.

Agree with yourself to have a 15-20 minute break. In between, brush your teeth. It’s more likely that you will not start snacking again as the sugar will have hit your bloodstream and the toothpaste will probably put you off eating until later.

Practice ‘environmental control’ … only have small portions of trigger foods in the house. Better still buy a portion and consume on the same day. Put simply, you cannot eat what isn’t there.

Find a form of exercise that puts you more in touch with your body. Jillian recommends Yoga as it is ‘medicinal’ exercise that makes you more conscious of how you are treating your body and mind.

So, a few things to mull over. I might try the interruption technique at Christmas when I am away with family for a week. I will have much less control over the food shopping and will be surrounded by temptation. It’s worth a go!

What tricks do you employ to stop yourself mindlessly snacking?
What healthy snacks do you indulge in?

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