Anyone for a Glass of Aspartame, Caramel Colouring & Phosphoric Acid?

These enticing sounding items are all ingredients in Diet Coke and don’t they sound horrific? No wonder it requires a magnifying glass to read the back of a can!

I admit it I used to have the mother of all coke habits. That sounds so wrong but the stuff was like crack to me so not so far off the mark.

Being a sophisticated kind of gal, my weapon of choice was Diet Cherry Coke. I could guzzle that stuff all day in a chain smoking kind of fashion….until, I went cold turkey.

“Get behind thee Satan”

Why did I finally break the habit? Well I realised that just because it’s got diet on the label that doesn’t make it good.

There’s been a tonne of research on this topic and YouTube is a good source of information should you wish to find out more.

After reading about the artificial sweetener, Aspartame and it’s effect on blood sugar levels I knew it was time to quit. I’ve suffered from extreme highs and lows with blood sugar for a long time and didn’t want to add fuel to the fire.

Going cold turkey isn’t for everyone, remember it’s addictive because it contains caffeine therefore for some people slowly reducing intake might make things a little easier.

I haven’t drunk a diet fizzy drink in approximately 3 months and my stomach and purse both feel the benefits. The best thing of all is that the craving has gone.

Now where’s my Jasmine Green Tea?

2 thoughts on “Anyone for a Glass of Aspartame, Caramel Colouring & Phosphoric Acid?

    • I hear you! Sometimes on the ‘diet’ / low fat front we get fed scary ingredients we would never consciously choose. I guess the old adage is true exercise and eat everything in moderation.

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