Happy Anniversary Fit Foot ….

Happy Anniversary Fit Foot!

As you can see it’s Fit Foot Blogs 1 month anniversary today, how time flies!

I thought I’d celebrate by taking a little time to reflect on the journey so far, explore what I’ve learned and the things I’m grateful for:-

I feel calmer and much more in control of my body and the choices I’m making.

There has been nothing I’ve eaten in the last month that has left me with feelings of guilt or regret.

I’m amazed how accountable I feel to this blog and anyone I know or don’t yet know that stops by to read it. It’s like a little anchor that keeps me steady and mindful.

I’m grateful for the existence of the blogging community … who knew what a powerful resource we all have at our fingertips! Reading other bloggers journeys makes me realize there are people just like me out there with similar struggles, demons, goals and triumphs.

My face looks slimmer (hoorah!) … that double chin can do one in the next few months!!

I’m cooking up a storm and enjoying some really great food. Behold! Today’s feast of stuffed field mushrooms, grilled turkey breast and roasted cherry tomatoes.

Grilled Turkey Breast, Roasted Tomatoes and Stuffed Field Mushrooms

I’m enjoying the gym again, especially my PT workouts.

I’ve lost 13lbs so far 🙂

I’m pulling clothes from the back of the wardrobe and liberating them into daily life because THEY FIT!

Bring on month 2 …. I’m ready for you 😉

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