19k to Start the Day ….

…. and before anybody starts wondering that was on a Spin Bike!

I headed to the gym this morning and cycled on a Spin Bike for 40 minutes in the c0mpany of The Jillian Michael’s Show Podcast.

The Jillian Michaels Show Podcasts

Listening to someone talking instead of music proved to be a great distraction as I barely found myself looking at the clock, I simply cycled until Jillian was done. Today’s topics were our reliance on the look of food, dangers of internet based Pharmacies and emotional baggage and it’s impact on weight loss.

When I got home there was just time for a Protein Shake and a small lunch of Moroccan soup with a wholemeal pitta before getting stuck in with the ongoing destruction of my spare bedroom.

Taking the walls back to bare brick is hard work and the house is covered in a thick layer of dust, but as I mentioned previously as with all things it has to get worse before it gets better!

So my weekend is mapped out for me …. tomorrow consists of a big food shop in the morning followed by more hacking back the walls upstairs. On Sunday it’s a PT session at the gym with Lauren (including weigh in) and I hope to get to my local Farmers Market in the afternoon. Sunday evening is a date with Daniel Craig, well the cinema with Michael and some sneaky leering at Bond from behind a small popcorn 🙂

Have a great weekend everyone!

2 thoughts on “19k to Start the Day ….

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