3 Months … are you kidding me?

I went to see the Surgeon today for my Pre-Op consultation and this is how long he told me I won’t be able to attend the gym for. Even then I’m not allowed to do ‘vigorous’ exercise e.g. Spin Classes, Circuit Training, Running for 5 MONTHS. Yes people I said 5 MONTHS.

I had it in my mind that I wouldn’t be able to go to the gym for 2 months as during this time I’m non weight-bearing on crutches. I’d kind of made my peace with that timescale and have been planning all the alternatives I could do to keep myself semi sane and occupied. However the 3 and 5 month timescales are an entirely new ballgame.

Oh good heavens that’s December, January and February going slowly insane and March / April rocking madly in the corner grunting at people. How do you come back from that long away? Surely it’s like starting from the bottom rung of the ladder as far as fitness goes?

I am trying to be prepared and I have planned some things that will keep me busy which I’ve added to my December Goals. However, I know myself and I know this is going to be mentally very tough. I don’t want to take out my frustrations on my nearest and dearest but I am a little worried I’ll turn into a lunatic 😦

Lunatic or not though there is always room for fashion in my life. If I’m forced to rock the crutches and orthopedic boot look for at least 8 weeks I intend to do it in style. I am taking inspiration from this festival going Bohemian and will be looking to bring a little festive touch to my crutches!

Being on crutches is no barrier to style!

I can almost hear my friends and family groaning from here … “Oh no, whats she going to do this time?”

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