This Was the Week That ….

Time for a review I think ….

This was the week that was disruptive. There have been minimal posts as the house was invaded by the Plasterer, everything out of place, dust and grime everywhere and added to that some irritating connection issues with the internet.

Next week I will mostly be ….

However, the good news is the spare bedroom is finally plastered. Hooray, after years of being an unofficial dumping ground for boxes of random stuff the walls have been made good. Despite the chaos it will be a great to start the New Year (well when I’m back on my feet) to transform the room into a cool office / chill out space. I’ve been steadily building up a Pinterest board with lots of ideas and I’m ready to snatch up some bargains come the January sales.

This was also the week that I went to the gym 4 times. I went swimming once and was 2/3rds through my 50 lengths when approximately 20 ladies of a certain age got in the pool for their Aqua Aerobics session. The last 3rd of my swim was a lesson in resistance training and my Brother remarked “think of it as preparation for a Triathlon swim!” I completed 2 core strength and conditioning workouts both with the ViPR and another ‘19k to start the day‘ on the Spin Bike. I highly recommend cycling whilst listening to a Podcast as it makes the time fly.

This was the week that I reviewed my October goals and wrote some new ones for November. These are the goals that will take me through to my surgery on 29th November. I now have just under 4 weeks to be the most organised I’ve ever been and to lose as much weight as possible to make my life on crutches that little bit easier.

Speaking of weighing in … that’s tomorrow. It’s been two weeks since I last weighed in and I’m intrigued to know how I’m doing. Fingers, toes and eyes crossed!

Next week, once the dust has quite literally settled will see me commencing a house clean from top to bottom, getting things back into their correct rooms, working out and doing a little more Christmas shopping. I also intend to try those pesky orphan items on and post an update on my mission to free them from the back of the wardrobe!

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