Body and Blog Maintenance ….

Today marks nearly 6 weeks into my journey and so I thought a little updating was just the ticket to see how far the blog and the body have come!

Body first … I worked out with my PT at the gym today and holy cr*p did she push me. I tried out some exercises on the Suspension Frame where your body weight is what you are working with. Unfortunately I have that in abundance so it was pretty hard to pull myself up using just my arms, both in a press up and a rowing movement. Just to be that little bit more brutal we finished up using the ViPR, which for my delight was upped by 2kg. Its safe to say my arms don’t love me at the moment!


Before the session Lauren weighed me. Now 4 days ago it appeared I had put on 7lbs and I was pretty perplexed. Today it seems I have dropped 2lbs of that gain. I’m still pretty confused by this little episode but am keeping on keeping on as I can see a difference and when that starts happening you know things are going in the right direction.

Next she took my measurements for the first time since we started working out together. You can see the results here but in summary I’ve lost a total of 4 inches in 6 weeks and I’m pretty pleased with that … good start fit foot 🙂

Loving the Tape Measure (Not the Scales!)

Now for the blog …. after the internet issues I’ve been experiencing over the last few weeks I’ve ‘spent out’ and indulged in a new laptop, a lovely shiny white Sony Vaio to be precise. My old laptop (also a Vaio) had travelled the world with me over the last few years, it had been bashed about and the internal workings (of which I don’t understand) were pretty obsolete. Writing my musings and random thoughts over the last 6 weeks has really helped me focus on what I’m trying to achieve and will no doubt be a lifeline post surgery it was with this in mind that I felt the laptop to be so important.

Anyway, now I’m all set up I spent some time today tidying up fit foot! I’ve finally added some of my favourite blogs to my Blogroll. Go check it out … but please don’t get so distracted by these other great sites that you don’t come back to visit me 😉

2 thoughts on “Body and Blog Maintenance ….

  1. Thanks Heather … I think it really helps writing regularly to stay focused. Good luck with your blog … keen to see if you get the support group of the ground.


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