Chocolate Raspberry Smoothie ….

I completed another ’19k to start the day’ in the company of Jillian Michaels and her excellent Podcast this morning. Today’s topics included surrounding yourself with the right help, fat fighting foods and how often you should change your gym programme. Great stuff!

I know I keep saying this but it makes the miles fly by when you are concentrating on someone talking as you have to actively listen.

After my workout I had lunch and a green tea at the gym and read today’s papers, how very civilised!

In the afternoon and following yesterdays fridge ‘expose’ I thought I ought to do a little shop. I grabbed a few staples such as water, tuna steaks, soya milk and bananas and was feeling quite peckish when I got home so threw this smoothie together.

Chocolate Raspberry Smoothie

I’ve made this smoothie a couple of times, on the first occasion it was a happy accident as I literally just chucked a couple of things in the blender and was somewhat surprised when it tasted so good!


1/2 a punnet of Raspberries

1 x Banana

A serving of Rich Dark Chocolate 100% Whey Protein

Light Soya Milk (or your preferred milk of choice)

Soya Milk, Banana, 100% Whey Protein & Raspberries

Throw all the ingredients in a blender and blend for 30 seconds; Give the contents a shake then blend for a further 30 seconds, adding more milk if you prefer a looser consistency.

Blend all ingredients …

I like to add a whole raspberry on the top before serving. These ingredients make 2 smoothies, so that’s breakfast sorted and all in under 5 minutes of effort!

Pop a Raspberry on top and enjoy!

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