The Mindful Macaroon v The Manic Mojitos ….

I’ve spent the last few days visiting my old neighbour and friend , Sharon in Brighton.

Sharon is now the happy owner of a beautiful Regency flat which is quite literally a stones throw from the seafront, jealous me? Nooooooo 😉

I had such a lovely time however things didn’t go quite as I’d planned them in my head ….

After a tour of the flat and a cuppa we headed down the coast to Rottendean, home of the exclusive private girls school to the rich and famous Roedean. We had lunch in a pub on the cliff then went for a wander along the beach. As you can see it was windy, cold, cloudy and empty … wonderful!

Cold and Misty South Coast

Good hair Janice, good hair!

After blowing the cobwebs away we went back to Sharon’s new neighbourhood to explore. She lives in an area called Kemp Town which is full of great cafes, organic deli’s and individually owned food stores.

We stopped in a cafe which caught our eye because of some Dinosaurs in the window! It turns out the owner had worked in special effects in the film industry and had made the puppets which were freakishly real. I had a warming spicy Chai Latte and thought “as I’m on holiday” I’d have a couple of Macaroons, really enjoy them then get back on with being good, Pah!!!

In the evening we decided to head into the centre of Brighton for a couple of drinks and a bite to eat. Sharon decided to make Mojitos and I decided to drink them 🙂

Magic Mojitos

1 of 3 (oops!)

Three of these little beauties later and this is what I had for dinner ….


But …. the next day I got with the programme and was angelic. I had fruit and fat free Greek yoghurt for breakfast and drank lots and lots of water. I had a halloumi salad with a poached egg on top for lunch which was delicious and wild salmon, vegetables and stuffed mushrooms for dinner.

The cafe where we stopped for lunch is famous for it’s knitted tea cosys. I had a pot of jasmine green tea and my tea cosy was multi coloured with pom poms. I also spotted one that had a monkey on top, one with knitted oranges and lemons, another with a huge seagull and best of all one that had moles coming out of the ground. Just when I thought the knitting couldn’t get any more bizarre I spotted this in the corner …

Knitted Brighton Pavillion!

The real thing!

A really great few days away and I can’t wait to go back with a fit foot next year 🙂

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