Liberating Orphans ….

Back at the beginning of October I wrote about the ridiculous amount of orphaned clothing in my wardrobe and promised to post when the items I listed were liberated. Well hooray, pictured below I am indeed ‘modelling’ my Whistles Carrie Skirt. I wore it out in Brighton on Friday night, no wrestling with zips to get it done up. I’m a very happy girl!

One less orphan 🙂

In addition I can now fit into everything except for the Whistles jumpsuit which is a dress size smaller than I normally can wear and my Esprit jeans. The jeans I should note are NEARLY there, I can do them up but there is still a bit of a muffin to contend with 😉 In the Macaroon and Mojito post I am wearing a pair of Topshop jeans that were previously orphaned and was also able to button my winter coat up (all buttons) for the first time in 2 years.

Yeah! Baby, that’s why we do this and it feels GOOD 🙂

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