Progress and Preparation ….


Yesterday I had a PT session with Lauren and as is the routine she weighed me before we hit the gym.

You can see the low down here but the good news is I’ve lost another 2.5lbs. The fat ratio and BMI have also reduced but still a lonnnnnggggg way to go!

After the scales Lauren put me through my paces and as I’ve come to expect she threw a whole new load of exercises at me. These included ‘Squat Thread the Needle’ which involved passing a 10kg ViPR over my head and evil ‘Plank to Press Ups’. As a result lifting my arms higher than shoulder height today is a tiny bit problematic!


Yesterday I also sorted out freezing my gym membership for the months of December, January and February. I felt a little sad having to do it and can’t imagine what it’s going to be like not being able to pull on my kit and go to workout. Tomorrow marks my 1 week countdown to surgery and I have 2 PT sessions and an additional 2-3 gym sessions left before the chop, eeeek!

Back in October one of my goals was to learn how to crotchet. The idea behind this was to find things to keep me occupied while I’m off my feet and out of my normal routine. My Auntie helped me to get started and I practiced on this …

A first attempt!

….. I initially started out using a large crochet hook (normally used to crochet dishclothes!) It was a good way of learning to get more nimble but as my tension was all over the shop and because the initial square was slightly out of shape I unpicked it and started again. I’m now using a standard 4mm crochet hook and I’m making a blanket …. what do you think?

Stick with me, this WILL be a blanket!

Today under the topic of preparation I did a little shopping with my Mum. On the advice of my friend Emma I bought one of those sealed insulated mugs from Starbucks meaning when I’m on my own and on crutches I can make a hot drink and put it in a bag / pocket to carry it back to the lounge. Otherwise I would be forced to drink it in the kitchen! Well done Emma!

I also got some new Pyjamas and a hooded top for all the lounging around I’m about to be doing. Any excuse to shop eh?!

Now we’re all up to date I’d like to wish everyone in the States a Happy Thanksgiving for tomorrow. Enjoy your Pecan Pies and Turkey!

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