Farewell London ….

…. until February 2013 at the earliest, sob.

Yes, today was my last visit to wonderful London town before crutches make negotiating the public transport system an impossibility.

First stop was an appointment with my hairdresser, Frank at Pimps and Pinups. There are 2 things I never fail to leave this salon without 1) a great cut and 2) the desire to get an armful of tattoos as the staff are all so damn cool! I’ve been going to Pimps and Pinups for a few years now and with the exception of being forced to go more local by my foot in the next couple of months I wouldn’t go anywhere else.

Pimps and Pinups

Afterwards I had just enough time for a quick once round Old Spitalfields Market. There’s always something going on here and Sundays are especially great for people watching.


Old Spitalfields Market

Fashion and Record Market on a Friday

Public Art

A quick dash across London on the tube and I found myself in Oxford Street where I met Michael. The intention was to help him buy his lovely Mum’s Christmas present and have dinner together. Of course he had to endure me lusting after lots of outfits in Topshop first. I left relatively unscathed with this T-Shirt which I plan to wear under a tailored silk suit to ‘rough it up’ a bit!

Hooray for Topshop!

A small battle through the shopping crowds (are there actually any Italians left in Italy in November?) and we came to rest at Ping Pong for a table full of Dim Sum and a beer for Michael and Jasmine Pearl tea for me.

Goodbye London, I’ll be back soon (aka, thank goodness for Internet shopping)!

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