Happy 2 Month Anniversary Fit Foot ….

Wow the 2nd month of this journey has just flown by and I find myself once again in a reflective mood ….

Happy Anniversary Fit Foot

Other than the strange unexplained weight gain a few weeks ago progress has been all in the right direction. It’s interesting that as I’ve felt so much better and more importantly my clothes are fitting well the gain didn’t throw me off course as for once I trusted the mirror and not so much the number on the scales. It’s just as well I’m taking that approach as from this Thursday I won’t be able to accurately weigh myself anyway for 2 months!

I’m pleased with how my preparation for surgery has gone. Of course its helped that I’m in the fortunate position of not having to work for a while if I choose not to. I normally have a self employed persons mentality in that I accept any work that’s offered as you never know when its going to go quiet. The difference this time is that I’ve consciously decided not to work for a while to give myself the breathing space to be prepared prior to surgery and recover properly afterwards. It feels like the right decision.

I’m really enjoying the gym again and it’s going to be TOUGH not being able to go. I had my penultimate PT session this morning with Lauren and I put as much effort in as possible as I know I’m running out of opportunities! We did a lot of arm work again to help with much need upper body strength. My friend Sarah is visiting from Oxford on Tuesday and we’ll spend the day at the gym and in the spa area and on Wednesday I’ll have my last PT session with Lauren. Then follows a very lonnnnngggggg pause until March (eeek!).

This afternoon me and Michael did the Mother of all Costco shops. The bill was a bit eye watering but it means the freezer is stocked full of goodies such as shrimp, chicken and cod fillets for lots of healthy meals.

Tomorrow my Mum and Dad are coming over to help me decorate for Christmas and in return I’ll be cooking them lunch. I’ll take a before and after picture so the ‘winter wonderland’ effect can be fully appreciated!

Month 3 of my journey is going to be interesting, out with the normal routine in with the new. I am a little apprehensive but am looking forward to finally getting a fit foot. I just need to avoid turning into this in the meantime …..

Stay away from the Mince Pies Fit Foot!

2 thoughts on “Happy 2 Month Anniversary Fit Foot ….

  1. I think it’s awesome that you are losing weight and still staying on track in spite of the foot issue you have. It must be really difficult and yet you are still doing it!! I relate to doing contract work and accepting everything coming your way but taking time to recover is smart. I also have to say it takes a lot of strength to not get thrown off course when the scale tells you that you gained weight unexplicably. This has happened to me before and it really screws with your head! Way to go avoiding that horrible derailment. And good luck on your upcoming surgery!

  2. Holly, thank you so much for taking time to leave this comment. It’s nice to know that someone who has ‘climbed mountains’ thinks I’m tackling things the right way!

    Starting tomorrow I have all the time in the old to read so intend to read backwards through your blog …. so interested to read your story.


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