Last Chance Workout ….

…. was yesterday. Blimey, that’s it then no more training until March which if I’m honest I’m finding a little difficult to get my teeny tiny brain round.

The last few days have been a whirlwind but I’ll quickly summarise:-

Tuesday –  My friend Sarah visited and we spent the day together at my gym. I introduced her to the wonder of a ViPR workout. Sarah if you’re reading this please feel free to let the world know if sitting down is getting any easier.

Because I can’t do any exercises that place pressure on my toes e.g. lunges I’ve been doing zillions of squat related work and it’s fair to say it was the squats that got her! After our workout we bobbed around in the jacuzzi and relaxed in the sauna. Then followed the longest laziest lunch whereby 3.5 hours and numerous cups of tea later we left the gym restaurant.

Wednesday – As the title says it was indeed ‘last chance workout’ with Lauren my PT. I was a little sore from the day before but literally threw everything I had at the workout. We did kettle bells, we did ropes, we did ViPR … it was relentless and it was great. I’m going to miss my weekly workouts with the ‘pocket rocket’ but have a plan. My gym membership is now on hold until March 1st and the money I save is going straight in the ‘Fit Foot Personal Training Rehabilitation Fund’ ….. feel free to give generously, I’m a great cause!!

Lauren did my final measurements and weight and you can see the results via the links. I finished well and I vow not to sabotage or undo my good work just because I can’t exercise for a while. Keep your head right fit foot.

So here we are it’s D-Day …. at four o’clock this afternoon I’m under the knife (eek!). Nerves aside, this is the bottom of the dip and once the operation is over I can concentrate on climbing back up the other side. My Brother seems to think aiming for my first Triathlon (Stratford Upon Thames) in August is a good goal, that remains to be seen but I’ll do my very best.

I’ll leave it to these two to offer some encouragement ….

Taking support where I can get it!

Onwards and upwards Fit Foot x

4 thoughts on “Last Chance Workout ….

  1. 2 days after my Chadwick work out i am still throwing myself backwards into chairs but a hot bath helped. I am going to the gym tonight and will ask for a review of my workout as i am obviously a squat dodger. And the ViPR is from now onwards known as the EVIL DIDGERIDOO !!!!

  2. Hope you’re doing well honey. Crutches are a good workout on their own I seem to remember. Especially doing the stairs. Take care xxxx

  3. They sure are Helen, there’s a lot of using the stomach muscles to get up and the arms to get around. I haven’t tackled the stairs yet, that’ll be a challenge in the next few days!

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