Broken But Not Defeated ….

…. well, after all the build up it’s finally done Fit Foot has a broken foot that is on the mend.

Thursday was a loooonnngggg day. I arrived at the Hospital for 4pm but unfortunately for me I was the last patient to go to theatre. Luckily there was lots going on in the last hour and half before surgery. Local anaesthetic was administered via lots of injections in my foot which was then left to ‘cook’ and take effect.  There then followed lots of visits from the Nurse who kept sticking a pin in my foot to check if I could feel anything … thankfully I couldn’t!

No guessing which foot was going under the knife!

No guessing which foot was going under the knife!

Before I was taken into theatre the Nurse gave me a lesson on how to use my crutches. Firstly I learnt how use them to hop, placing no weight through my feet whatsoever (this is how I’ve been getting around for the last 4 days) and then I tried walking with minimal weight placed down and using the crutches (this is what I’ll do once I can bare putting my foot down). I got on fine and quickly realised that all the training I’ve done at the gym will be invaluable as my core, arms and thighs feel very strong.

The operation finally got under way at around 8pm. I won’t go into detail but lets just say if I’m offered the option of similar surgery under a local anaesthetic in the future I would most definitely say no. Once the operation was completed my foot was tightly wrapped in bandages and a stocking then it was placed in an Orthopaedic boot. It’s incredibly ugly but is doing a great job of protecting my foot and keeping it stable.

Rocking the Orthopaedic Boot!

Rocking the Orthopaedic Boot!

Unfortunately during the first night we had to call out the emergency Doctor as for some unknown reason I had the uncontrollable shakes and was in extreme pain. The Doctor administered a pain killing shot and prescribed some very strong painkillers which are like ‘knock out drops’ and have really helped.

Day by day I’ve been experiencing less pain and more mobility. I’m really looking forward to being able to put a little weight through my foot (no more than 20kg) as it will make the house easier to negotiate.

To cheer myself up and bring a some festive spirit to my crutches I thought a little decorating was in order!!

Festive Crutches!

Festive Crutches!

Finally for today I’d just like to say a huge thank you to Michael. He has been chief chef, nurse, hug giver and on Thursday night drier of tears. Keep up the good work baby, I couldn’t have done it without you xxx

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