One Small Step for Man ….

…. one giant hop for Fit Foot kind.

Yes, today I bravely ventured into the outside world to have the first redressing of my bandages and I hopped the furthest I’ve hopped in a week!

My foot is looking pretty good, all things considered. It’s an interesting red / purple colour, my toes look like swollen chipolata sausages and my ankle is pretty puffy but the incisions are very neat and I’m hopeful that the scaring will be minimal.

The Nurse advised me to start practising placing some weight through my foot (no more than 20kg) and to occasionally take off the sexy orthopaedic boot and exercise my ankle to reduce the swelling and increase my mobility. Next week I have an X-Ray and a second visit to the Nurse. I’m hoping that the bandages will come off at this point for good and I can start wearing my normal clothes, not just jogging bottoms which are getting me down a bit!

1st Redressing Done!

1st Redressing Done!

This evening to help me feel less ragged I had my nails done at home. I’m trying to grow them after years of wearing harsh acrylics which have damaged my nails, making them thin and weak. I’m amazed that I didn’t bite them due to nerves around the time of the operation but I was very well behaved! This evening I had a Gel French Manicure and now they are looking much healthier.


It’s amazing how something so small can make you feel much more groomed and well put together. I’m looking forward to those pesky bandages coming off in time for Christmas then I might treat my toes as well.

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