Party ….

Humour me ....

Humour me ….

Yeh, OK so I’m lying through my teeth. In fact chuck me in amongst the happy faces above and I reckon today you’d still be hard pushed to raise a smile.

I realised this morning that my world has shrunk to the size of 3 rooms in the last 10 days. There’s the lounge where I am currently residing on the sofa bed; there’s the kitchen where I can just about manage to make a cuppa or chop some vegetables before I need to sit down; and finally there’s the bathroom where, well other than not being able to shower or bath it’s fairly obvious what happens in there.

At first this was all a bit of a novelty, bit like camping or sleeping over at a mates house after a night out but now I am desperate to venture upstairs, desperate to go the gym and desperate to jump in the car and go ANYWHERE! This is all compounded by the fact that the other half had to go back to work yesterday.

For the first week after surgery, pain aside I felt quite strong. All the gym preparation was paining dividends and I was pretty sure I was going to be flying around on the crutches and the only inconvenience would be not being able to walk. However, fast forward and now I’m feeling fatigued, my right hip is hurting through the strain of me hopping on that leg, my ankle is getting very stiff and perversely I’m finding I can do less … what’s that all about?

So far today this is what I’ve achieved.

Hopped to the bathroom
Hopped to the kitchen where I made a cup of tea in my insulated Starbucks cup, grabbed a yoghurt and some juice from the fridge and then chucked these in a carrier bag with a plastic cup and a spoon.

Bed Breakfast for One ....

Bed Breakfast for One ….

Hopped to the lounge where I took up residence on the sofa bed.
Took the sexy orthopaedic boot off and exercised my ankle

Exercise, guaranteed to burn of zero calories ....

Exercise, guaranteed to burn of zero calories ….

Oooh, what excitement will this afternoon bring?

Forgive me folks … I’ll get there I’m sure. In the meantime should I change the name of this blog to Fed up Foot?

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