Managing my Addiction ….

No, no, no I’m not about to confess to some secret drug habit or issue with gambling I’m talking about my growing addiction to Pinterest.

I know I currently have way too much time on my hands but someone may need to stage an intervention as my ‘pinning’ is reaching epic proportions!

I am 100% visual in the way I view the world, so Pinterest feeds this habit of looking at beautiful things. Unfortunately it also comes with a slightly unhealthy dose of “I want, I want” and lot’s of dreaming about winning the lottery.

Here are a selection of my current lust after items … a couple of which I accidently shopped for today from the courtesy of my bed 🙂 Whoops ….

Love, love, love .. Pamela Love

Love, love, love .. Pamela Love

This woman makes the most incredible jewellery, it’s original, it’s large and always makes a statement. Pamela you are a little too pricey for me right now but you may just be on my New Year sales hit list.

1/2 Price Vans for Spring Summer (hooray!)

1/2 Price Vans for Spring Summer (hooray!)

Thank you Office Shoes for a great sale where these Vans, that coincidently I’d pinned months ago just happened to be over half price. Hurry up and arrive, although these will be sitting in the wardrobe waiting for Spring / Summer.

Be still my beating heart .....

Be still my beating heart …..

This is where the lottery win dreaming really kicks in. Oh my, the ACNE Laurie Bag … first lusted over on a visit to NY earlier this year, nearly purchased till I gave myself a slap and walked away. One day you will be mine, as the Borg say “resistance is futile.”

Well done Nicole Ritchie

Well done Nicole Ritchie

Rather loving these House of Harlow, Zenith Skull beaded slippers. Who new Nicole Richie would make such a successful transition into fashion and do it with some style.

Label Lab - House of Fraser

Label Lab – House of Fraser

I really love the whole ‘Sports Lux’ look and have owned several different versions of these trousers. Whistles did a great silk pair last year that I wore to death. I found these Label Lab metallic joggers on the House of Fraser sale site reduced from £55 to £20 … yes! I’ll be wearing these with a plain back vest, tuxedo jacket, statement necklace and when the foot allows, a pair of heels.



…. and finally for today this asymmetric blazer from Monki.Com. My Bank Manager will be pleased it keeps selling out before I can get my mitts on it.

Oh! Pinterest … thank you for keeping me semi sane this last week.

4 thoughts on “Managing my Addiction ….

    • I know Heather I seem to think I can morph into a domestic goddess, craft expert and cutting edge fashionista all rolled into one because of Pinterest!

      Btw, good luck with your interview I know it’s coming soon x

  1. OMG I have the Vans as of 5 days ago when looking for Alice but treating myself. Almost got the Label Lab trousers but have some like it although they are way too big now. Bored with Pintrest now.

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