Hobble Phase ….

… has commenced!

On Tuesday evening I felt brave enough to stop hopping and try walking. I need to keep the weight bearing to a minimum (less than 20kg) and I’m still using the crutches, which I’ll be doing for another 6 weeks as the foot heals but I’m suddenly a lot more mobile.

Of course I am walking somewhat like this fella ….

Charlie Chaplin

… and the progress continues.

On Wednesday I had an X-Ray, behold my foot and assorted bits of metal work!

Fit Foot!

Fit Foot!

My foot now contains 7 screws and a plate … just hoping I don’t set off Airport scanners!

On Thursday I went to see the nurse and she confirmed everything is coming along nicely, hooray. She removed my stitches and all the bandages, replacing them with plasters that need to stay on until Sunday. Once I remove the plasters I move into the scar management / physio stage where I need to massage the scarring 3 times a day to stop it hardening and also to improve flexibility in my big toe. I’ve been told to apply as much pressure as I can tolerate which doesn’t sound very pleasant!

But best of all are the two final things to share today. Firstly, I can now get up and down the stairs, albeit on my backside and slept in my bed last night which was wonderful. Secondly, I’ve been told I can drive because luckily for me the operation was on my left foot and I drive an automatic car.

Yeee ha! There will be no stopping me now!

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