2 Steps Forward, 1 Step Back ….

…. groan!

I’m writing this post from our rented holiday cottage on a farm in rural Warwickshire where the family has gathered for a weeks Christmas break. We came here last year as its very peaceful and I have happy memories of running round the village and fields with my Brother. There will be none of that this time around.

.... Yep, that'll get you every time.

…. Yep, that’ll get you every time.

In true to form fit foot style I have completely over done it in the lead up to coming away. I started using one crutch about a week ago, sometimes forgoing it completely when hobbling around at home. I’ve been out on several occasions this week and walked quite a way more than I’ve been able to recently. In addition on Thursday I also walked up and down the stairs a couple of times.

It won’t take a genius to work out that by Thursday evening I was stuck with my foot very swollen, elevated all evening and periodically on ice. It hurt to walk like it did several weeks ago.

Yesterday I had to reach out to my Brother to help me out before we left for holiday as I couldn’t do simple tasks such as wash up, empty the fridge, stand at the wardrobe to pack my clothes etc … (Thanks Bruv x)

So apparently the post suture removal paperwork is right when it says “remember to use the weighing scales regularly to ensure you recognise what 20kg feels like. Once you start to feel better it’s easy to forget and placing more than this weight through your foot may delay the healing process.”

I did this for the first time yesterday morning and low and behold have realised I’ve been putting WAY too much weight through my foot. Is it any wonder I’m back where I am?

To further add insult to injury when we arrived at the cottage I was so frustrated at not being able to help that I hobbled outside to see if I could carry something. I was told to go and sit down. Unfortunately on the way back in I tripped on a mat and instinctively slammed my foot to the floor … thus rounding off a spectacular few days backwards progress. Ho hum.

So I guess if I want happy smiley Christmas photos I need to do the sum part of nothing for the next few days.

Frustrating? yes.
Necessary? Hell yes!

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