In a Puff of Tinsel ….

…. Christmas was gone!

How was your Christmas break? I hope you had as happy a time with friends and family as I was fortunate enough to enjoy.

I spent the holidays with my parents, Brother, Helen my Sister in Law, Marie (Helen’s Mum) and Michael at a house on a farm in Warwickshire. We have been spending a week together at Christmas at holiday cottages in different areas of England for over 15 years now and really value this special time together. This year was the first Michael has spent with my family and he seemed to come out the other side relatively unscathed!



Despite my best intentions (which lasted all of 24 hours) I completely over indulged. On Christmas Eve my plate was piled high with buffet food, most of which involved carbs and pastry. This was washed down with a very agreeable bottle of Chablis.

On Christmas Day as is tradition in our family we had a champagne breakfast of scrambled eggs and smoked salmon on toasted bagels and opened our Christmas Stockings.

Christmas Stocking Goodies ....

Christmas Stocking Goodies ….

Luckily for me I had a bumper crop of Carmex and a supply of my favourite chewing gum (Big Red)!

Rocking the Crutches on Christmas Day

Rocking the Crutches on Christmas Day

After we had tidied up and opened another few bottles of champagne we settled down to open our presents.

I was thoroughly spoiled and was lucky enough to receive several things on my Christmas list including Clarins perfume, 4 pieces of Vintage Ivory Cutlery from John Lewis (to start a collection), a Melissa Odabash Lotus necklace and of course the thing that hasn’t left my finger an Alex Monroe ‘Birdie’ ring from Michael.

See if you can spot my 'Birdie Ring'!!

See if you can spot my ‘Birdie Ring’!!

In the evening we played board games and as is usual I suspect everyone cheated except for me 🙂

On Boxing Day we enjoyed my favourite Christmas meal of cold turkey, cold stuffing, baked beans, my Brother’s excellent pickle onions and potatoes.

In addition to the above indulgent meals I have done exactly what I hoped I wouldn’t do and that is mindlessly grab handfuls of snacks. I can already feel the difference in how my clothes feel and will need to work hard once all the social activities have ended to undo the damage. Ho hum!

When I say Christmas is over thats not quite true. On Sunday I have my Sister in Law and 3 of my closest friends (Pauline, Sarah and Emma) coming to me for a girl’s Christmas tea extravaganza. There will be dainty sandwiches, cakes and bubbles a plenty. This will be my ‘last hoorah’ before getting firmly back on the wagon and I’m going to enjoy every moment.

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