Savings, Bargains & More Savings ….

Is it me or are the ‘New Year’ sales happening earlier and earlier each year? Not that I’m complaining as I’ve snapped up some bargains in recent days all without having to drag my broken foot around the shops, hooray!

Before Christmas I made a list of items I wanted to check out in the post holiday sales. Some things on the list were needed but expensive whilst others were things I’d liked throughout the year but wasn’t prepared to pay full price for.

This is how I got on ….

1) Saving = £28
On the Saturday before Christmas one of my favourite online independent retailers Cox and Cox started their Winter sale. For the last few years I have brought Christmas wrapping paper, ribbon and labels from their website as everything is so beautiful. In the sale I purchased 2 scented winter candles and everything I need to wrap next years presents before we’d even started this years festivities! How’s that for organised? You can check out the Cox & Cox website here:-

2) Saving = £140
Now to the boring but expensive necessity. When giving the house a final clean before my operation at the end of November my vacuum cleaner went “bang” and refused to work again but replacing a Dyson before the sales would have been idiotic as there are always good deals to be had. Thank heavens for John Lewis ‘special deals’, 1 very high powered vacuum cleaner is on it’s way to me. Fluffy cat hair begone!

To replace the Dyson that blew up this morning :-(

3) Saving = £30
One of my early 2013 goals will be to complete the decorating and furnishing of my office / chill out room at home. I already have lots ideas pinned onto my ‘Project Office’ board on Pinterest including these excellent picture frames for displaying old vinyl album covers as art. Thank you Urban Outfitters for reducing them by £5 each, I brought 6 and they are going to look great.

Frames for Old Vinyl Albums - Urban Outfitters

Frames for Old Vinyl Albums – Urban Outfitters

4) Saving = £13
Unfortunately you had to spend £50 at Urban Outfitters to get free postage and packaging so I naturally felt the need to make up my basket. I’d tried this ring on lots of times but always managed to successfully talk my self out of buying it. However at half price my resolve abandoned me, no willpower obviously!

Evil Twin - Armaggedon Ring

Evil Twin – Armaggedon Ring

Total Sales Savings = a healthy £226.

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