Anyone for Afternoon Tea?

We have many great English Traditions but one of my favourites has to be the institution of Afternoon Tea.

Last year I hosted a Christmas Afternoon Tea which went so well that it was decided this should become an annual event. Fast forward to last Sunday and it was time once again to break out the Scones. I should at this point clarify that Afternoon Tea is exactly that, served with tea. That is a little dainty and’ unfabulous’ like for my friends so we like to dispense with the tea replacing it instead with Champagne.

High Tea anyone?

I made sure the table was suitably Christmas like and abundant  There were 2 beautiful cake stands filled with sandwiches (smoked salmon and cream cheese, egg and mustard cress and Cornish Cheddar cheese), scones with fresh cream and jam and biscuits and Christmas cupcakes (thanks Emma they were lovely). As a nod to being healthy I also served a platter of fresh fruits with a vanilla yoghurt dip then promptly did more damage with a bowl of dolly mixtures and sundae dish filled with Maltesers.

Getting started was delayed by 5 minutes while everyone took pictures of the table!!

The Digital Age

I once again used Pinterest as inspiration to come up with a little surprise. I found a great idea courtesy of Supremecourtney.Blogspot.Com for a table gift. I brought everyone a MAC nail varnish in a classic red and attached a hand stamped label to each which read “For Your Mistle Toes”. I placed these in the champagne glasses which I finished off with a Christmas napkin, a little greenery and a bauble. Everyone loved them, hooray!

Mistle Toes

The Tea was followed by more Champagne and a couple of party games. It was such a lovely evening with great company. I’m blessed to have such good friends and can’t wait to repeat it again next year.

Cheers Ladies!

Cheers Ladies!

If you’d like to know a little more about a traditional Afternoon Tea visit the link below ….

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