Onwards and Upwards ….

Yes, it’s time again for a little look over my shoulder before striding hobbling on into January’s goals.

On reflection I now realise I was being a tad ambitious with Decembers goals considering I had surgery on November 29th.

The first week following the operation passed in a drug controlled haze, if I’d set myself the goal of staying awake for more than four hours at a time I would have failed miserably. The following week was spent staring into space and attempting to gain the strength for the hop to the bathroom, then came the build up to Christmas followed swiftly by the holiday itself. Having said all this I did OK:-

Do exactly what the surgeon tells me to help my foot recover Mmmm, yes and no. I’ve done the massaging and done the manipulation part but have (on several occasions) overdone the walking and weight bearing. As I type, my foot is very swollen, it’s elevated and on ice. I need to focus on this for the whole of January.

Write and send Christmas cards Done.

Read and complete the first four weeks of activities in my Mindfulness book Epic fail! Haven’t even picked the book up which isn’t very mindful of me! Carried over to the New Year.

Update my LinkedIn page Half achieved. I updated my page to show I’m taking time out due to surgery but need to bring my recent roles up to date before finding my next contract.

File and name all my digital pictures on my external hard drive Half achieved (are you sensing a theme here?). All my pictures are now on my external hard drive so are safely backed up. The issue is I have so many that it’s taking much longer to categorise and name them all. This is a work in progress.

Watch a box set of a series I’ve never seen. Title yet to be determined but maybe a season of The Sopranos, Homeland etc…. Fail! Haven’t watched a great deal of TV in December (that’s a positive though) and I’m currently working my way slowly through programmes I’ve Sky +’d.

Bowl of Salad

So onto January’s goals. I wish I could say they are full of exercise and gym related targets but for obvious reasons that’s not the case:-

Keep a daily food diary (I’ve always found this keeps me mindful and focused with my food choices).

Research and book our holiday (On the shortlist at present is Koh Samui and Kerala in India)

Cook 4 new recipes (Need to dust down the recipe books)

Read 1 book from ‘The Happiness Project’ Book Club Picks (I’m going with ‘The Enchanted April’ by Elizabeth Von Arnim)

Go alcohol free for the whole of the month (It’s time to refocus and take pity on my liver)

Set up a Direct Debit to save for Xmas 2013 (Act like an adult Fit Foot and forward plan!)

Complete 4 x non weight bearing exercise sessions. To include half planks (knees not toes), side planks (knees not toes), half press ups (ditto), cobras, dead bugs and crunches (Hopefully a way of easing back in gently)

Network with 3 contacts / consultancies regarding work opportunities (In lieu of a lottery win I guess I need to go back to work at some point)

There is nothing particularly earth shattering on this list and I like how my goals cover various categories such as finances, leisure, fitness, healthy eating, knowledge etc …. I’ll keep you updated on progress under January Goals on the Goals and Progress menu.

Here’s to always striving and moving forward 🙂

4 thoughts on “Onwards and Upwards ….

  1. We have snap for some of those! I’m setting up a savings account for Christmas and going alcohol free in January! I did cook a new recipe very week in October and November last year, it’s surprising how you get stuck into a rut of cooking the same thing! Take care of that foot or there will be on 5k for you!

    • Nic, it’s bizarre .. each year I seem to be surprised by the fact that Christmas arrives and all the expense that goes with it. It’s time to be organised!

      Good luck with yours and I’ll stop by to check out some of your recipes to help with that goal!

      Foot is being rested as we speak.

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