Space, the Final Frontier ….

This weekend I’ve been thinking a lot about clutter. I blame the New Year mindset for this one. You know that sense of needing to get things straight and laying the foundations for the next 12 months? It seems to be a common January theme, I even had a similar chat over breakfast the other day.

All you need is less

I spent a good deal of 2012 dealing with emotional clutter in my head. Now that’s been filed, thrown away or put in order it’s time to work on the tangible clutter I stumble across in my home everyday. My house is not big, my house does not have great storage but my house has lots of stuff.

Wikipedia give a great description of clutter. Clutter may refer to any of the following:

I’m not quite at the hoarding end of the spectrum just yet! I’ve made inroads into creating more space upstairs and am in the process of planning loft insulation and new boards to create more room. My spare bedroom has acted as a store cupboard for more years than I care to remember and this is the year it gets reclaimed and transformed into a great functional space, hereby to be known as ‘Project Office’.

Unfortunately the clutter issue does not stop up stairs though. I realised today that I have no clue what resides at the back of my kitchen cupboards, I quite literally only use the items at the front. This begs the question do I really need all this stuff? I want to invest in a Juicer but have decided I’m not allowed to buy one until I’ve cleared the cupboards and work surfaces. I’m going to apply the ‘if it hasn’t been used in a year it’s not required’ technique. Anything useable is off to a charity shop, anything broken to the tip.

As I’m now starting my hunt for my next work contract I need to use my remaining downtime wisely. If I haven’t posted again in a few days I’m probably buried under a pile of saucepans and kitchen utensils so please send help.

Wish me luck, I’m going in!

3 thoughts on “Space, the Final Frontier ….

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  2. Good luck!! I have way too much clutter in my office…..
    A good friend of mine once said, you don’t own possessions, they own you. I think that is very true! I feel the more clutter I have, the more it weighs on me, and kind of takes over. Here’s to getting clutter free this year!!

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