Spam n Eggs ….

Firstly the Spam ….


It appears that Fit Foot has somehow been flagged on WordPress’s anti Spam technology as being of ill intention, evil, twisted and generally a bit undesirable 😦

The upshot of this state of affairs means that I’m currently unable to post comments on any blogs other than my own.

Heaven only knows how this happened but having done a little research it appears I need to contact Askimet to request a resolution. Alternatively if my comments appear in a bloggers spam box they need to approve them instead of deleting. The system will self learn that I am not Spam. It took me a good few days to notice this was happening after merrily posting comments then realising nothing was appearing.

So folks if you’re one of the blogs where I normally pass by to say hi, could I ask you to try and retrieve me from your Spam box and I’ll see if I can resolve from this end! Grrrrrr, how annoying!

What is Spam without eggs?


I’m really enjoying my New Year clean eating and already feel so much better than I did in December.

For breakfast today I had 2 x soft boiled eggs with 1 Food Doctor pitta bread, accompanied with a Jasmine Green Tea.

Food Doctor

These pittas contain cereal and multi seeds so are a great source of fibre and really tasty too.

I’ll keep you posted on the Spam situation, watch this space!

3 thoughts on “Spam n Eggs ….

  1. All fixed, prompt resolution from the folks at Akismet.

    If anyone finds themselves in a similar situation go to their site (you can get their via WordPress) and fill in the contact form explaining the issue.

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