The Kindness of Strangers ….

Today was one of those mild clear sunny days that remind you that in a few months Spring will be knocking on the door. It was a lovely day for me, my sexy Orthapeadic boot and trusty crutches to venture out on a solo assignment.

I drove to Harpenden which is the town I would be living in if only I could conjour up that extra £150k or so, ho hum! Anyway, I found a parking space in hobbling distance of a coffee shop and settled down with a Skinny Cinnamon Latte, a Cheese and Ham Toastie and my Kindle. Before you start thinking the Toastie wasn’t exactly clean eating I would like to mention the 45g’s of Muesli and Skimmed Milk for breakfast and the homemade spiced carrot soup and wholemeal roll for dinner.

Anyway, I had a very relaxing hour reading The Enchanted April by Elizabeth Von Armin. This book features on Gretchen Rubins Happiness Project Book Club this month and it is indeed a happy light read and not the sort of thing I would normally choose.


Next I nipped to Waitrose to do a quick shop. Waitrose is about the only supermarket I can tackle on my own at the moment as the Harpenden store is much more compact than the other local options of Sainsburys and Tesco. The first thing I saw we’re loads of beautiful flowers and so I scooped up an armful to make the house look like Spring.

.... creating a little bit of Springtime

…. creating a little bit of Springtime

I brought ingredients to make a new recipe tomorrow which depending on its success I’ll post!

When I got home I had a little rest then cooked enough spiced carrot soup to feed a small army, the majority of which is now in the freezer.

Finally before I go I’d like to acknowledge a few nice, caring strangers that crossed my path today. The lady who held the doors open in Boots for me to hobble through, the Barista in Costa Coffee who brought my latte and Toastie to my table, the member of staff in Waitrose who ran off to fetch my free newspaper and finally the lovely lady who came over to my car and offered to take my trolley to the trolley park as she could see I was on crutches and struggling. Sometimes it’s the little things that mean so much 🙂

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