Things I Wish I Could Do at The Moment (Volume 2) ….

I can’t quite believe that 6 weeks have passed since my foot surgery, where does the time go?

I wrote a post 5 weeks ago lamenting all the things I wished I was able to do and although I know I’ve come a long way since I wrote it things are still challenging and restrictive. Just in different ways.

So here are a few more things that we all take for granted that I’ve been wishing I could do:-

1) Take a shower. Running water, soap and standing on 1 leg has disaster written all over it.

2) Following nicely on from #1 is my next wish which is to have a bath the right way round! My bath is configured against a wall, the wall is on the left as you face the taps meaning to be the correct way round I’d have to step in with my broken foot. As I can’t put weight on that foot it’s too dangerous to get in the bath this way. I can’t wait to relax without a tap sticking in my head!

3) Stand on tiptoes / stand on a chair. This would have been particularly handy yesterday when tackling the kitchen cupboards.

4) Reunite my shoes. I am so over the Orthapeadic boot and wearing only my right shoe. Yes, it made packing for my Christmas holiday easier but the damn thing is UGLY and I want to wear a pair of these:-


5) Carry a basket round a supermarket. I can’t juggle walking on crutches, holding a basket and hope to be able put things in the basket, I’m not an octopus!

6) Walk up and down the stairs carrying something. Presently most things get thrown up or down the stairs and are retrieved at the top / bottom once I’ve caught up!

7) … and lastly but by no means leastly (new word I’ve just made up!) GO TO THE GYM.

It’s two weeks until what is hopefully my final x-rays and visit to the Surgeon … I’m hoping by then I really do have the makings of a Fit Foot.

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