Saturday Fashion Fix ….

…. as you may have gathered over the last few months I am something of an Magpie when it comes to spotting a bargain. I’m a good person to take along to places such as TK Maxx or the sales as I can always hone in on a great find and have the patience to rummage.

Which brings me nicely onto today’s offering. One of my (our) January goals was to research and book our Summer holiday. It was booked last week so I now know where I will be lazing around and what type of vibe the resort is.


In short I don’t need any fancy evening wear and shoes will also be surplus to requirements. The island we are visiting is strictly laid back and is geared up towards diving, snorkelling and chilling in the sun. Have I mentioned I’m excited?!

Anyway, I thought I’d strike while the iron’s hot and take a peek at the January sales to see if I could bag a couple of beachy type things. Thank you ASOS ….

River Island imitation Wayfarer three star sunglasses. Reduced by £7.50!


River Island Embroidered Pom Pom Dress (beach cover up). Reduced by £9.50! I tried this dress on earlier and it’s so pretty and has a little Isabel Marant vibe but on the cheap!

Pom Pom Dress

and finally … ASOS Leopard Pouch Over Swimsuit (very clearly not modelled by me!) Reduced by £10.50!


Total saving = £27.50 🙂

Writing this post has made me long for the sun but also feel that little bit warmer this evening. This is no mean feat considering it’s minus 2 degrees outside and dropping, Brrrrrrrr!

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