Fit (ish) Foot

As this blog is indeed called ‘Fit Foot’ I thought it was about time I posted a post surgery update on it’s progress.

Nearly 7 weeks have passed since my surgery which seems unbelievable to me. The time has flown by and although there have been bouts of frustration on my part and a few bumps in the recovery process I’ve actually been calmer and more mindful than I ever expected I would be.

So to the foot …

Fit Foot Toe

You can just about see the 2 inch scar running up my 2nd toe. This toe was shortened slightly in the operation and pinned into place. I’ve been told that this part of the procedure will make my foot placement more stable than it has been previously. From a vanity point of view I’m really pleased the scar is fading fast. I’m getting no discomfort at all from this area, hooray!

Fit Foot Foot!

The long scar running up the side of my foot has been slower to recover. The worst time was when I was suffering from very bad swelling and I could feel pulling on the stitches (yes, I know .. not pleasant!) which made me feel a bit queasy! I did however manage to massage this area as directed in order to keep the scaring supple which it seems to have done. I’m getting some discomfort on the top of my foot where the plate and majority of screws went in but I guess that’s to be expected.

The thing I struggle most with is negotiating my house and trying to stay non weight bearing. The layout means I can manage a couple of strides on the crutches before they get in the way due to differing levels, tight spaces or furniture. The answer to this has been regular elevation and my trusty ice pack.

Placing any weight through the ball of my foot is uncomfortable and if I’m honest a little scary after all this time. Next week I have what I hope are my final x-rays and visit to the surgeon. After this time I’m hoping that I enter a period of transition where I gently gently learn to walk again unaided and put body weight through my foot, eek!

It’s been an interesting journey so far, much more than simply broken bones but an insight into my psyche as well. It will be good to look back in a few more weeks to reflect and see what I’ve learnt.

Onwards and upwards ….

(ps) Yes, that is project crochet in the background and it’s starting to resemble a blanket and not a cushion cover!

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