Did I Do it Right?

On 28th November I was running around doing multiple last minute jobs before my foot surgery the following day.

I knew the following things:-

I would be on crutches for a minimum of 8 weeks – Yes, but what I didn’t realise was how tricky hopping on one leg can be (remembering the day I nearly fell in the bath and slammed my foot down) or indeed how difficult it is to use crutches in a tight space.

It would hurt – Yes, but the emergency painkillers were amazing, I’ve never slept so much or so well in my life!

I was to place no more than 20kg through my foot – Mmmmm, much harder than you would imagine. Try standing on one foot on the scales until you see 20kg … it’s hardly anything and I know around Christmas I mucked this one up.

Getting to the end of this period with my marbles intact would be a challenge – Well, so far so good. I thought I would spend a lot of time losing my temper and consequently in floods of tears. I can count on one hand the amount if times I’ve been that manic.

I would hate the Orthapeadic boot with a passion – 100%, that thing is UGLY, but I do recognise it’s saved me from doing serious damage on more than one occasion. It was also really useful to sleep in for approximately 6 weeks when even the weight of the duvet touching my foot was too much.

I would be hell to live with – I’ve just interviewed Michael on this point. I asked him in comparison to how he thought I would be, how have I actually been. Now I’ve stopped laughing I can report he said .. “We’ll, I was a bit scared .. I thought you were going to be difficult, but you’ve surprised me. You’ve been alright actually!”

I would eat my own body weight in crisps and put on weight – I haven’t binged through boredom and I’ve generally been mindful and eaten healthily. Christmas probably did several lbs damage but I won’t know what until I can weight bear. I can still fit in the clothes I could before the surgery.

In addition to friends and family the one thing that’s kept me focused is writing frequent posts on Fit Foot as well as reading the adventures, struggles and triumphs of other bloggers. I said it back in October but it really is like having the voice of conscience on my shoulder and for that I am truly grateful.

So did I do it right?

Tomorrow morning I visit the hospital for my final x-rays then see the surgeon in the afternoon. I am a little apprehensive as I have nothing to gauge my progress on. I just hope I’ve done as well as possible and that after learning to weight bear and walk again unaided I can skip back into the gym come March 1st.

Wish me luck, eek!

2 thoughts on “Did I Do it Right?

  1. I know what you mean – About 16 years ago, I had surgery that required an incision on my stomach. Every time I coughed, or laughed I had to be so careful. You don’t realize how much you use your abs for almost everything!! A sudden cough would knock me sideways with the pain.
    You are doing so well!! Can’t wait until you are back at 100%!

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