A Little Bounce in My Step ….

Granted this is not the prettiest picture I’ve ever posted but it means a lot to me all the same.

That there folks is my Orthopaedic boot, footwear so devoid of any fashion loveliness that I’ve seen small children run away from me in the street because of it.  So imagine my happy smiley face when the surgeon announced I could throw it in the bin when I got home yesterday. So I did!

Boot in the Bin!

The good news is that so far everything is as it should be. The x-rays clearly show the bones in my foot doing that clever knitting together thing and I’m reliably informed that month on month the soft tissue damage will reduce. The swelling could take up to 6 months to disappear altogether but it’s a small price to pay when I recall the pain I was in for most of last year.

The next stage in my recovery is the return to weight-bearing and it looks like this:-

Days 1-3,  wear trainers (yay!) but continue to use both crutches and apply no more than 20kg of body weight through my foot. As an aside look how loosely my left trainer is laced, that’s a swollen foot for you!

Yay, Trainers!

For the remainder of the first week I can use one crutch and increase the load through my foot to 1/2 of body weight. In the second week I can increase the load to 2/3rds. After 2 weeks and I can return to full weight-bearing, how weird will that be after all these weeks?!

I still need to be very cautious of my foot placement and not use this news as an excuse to go madly over doing things but it appears the weather (more snow forecast in my part of the UK) has plans for me to stay indoors this weekend so in a perverse way it’s being helpful. I’ve also been advised to keep using the ice and elevation technique for the swelling and to use crutches if I’m going to be walking for an extended period of time.

I’m so excited, the end is in sight, I can almost touch it.

If I could, I’d probably do a cartwheel about now.


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