Saturday Fashion Fix …. It’s all about the Shoes

For the past year pain in my foot has limited what I’ve been able to comfortably wear on my feet. Towards the end of the year even so called ‘comfy’ options like Converse or Ballet Slippers hurt and left me limping at the end of the day.

It’s going to be some time yet until I can hope to wear heels but a girl can dream. So with the news that I’m on the mend I thought I’d use this Saturdays Fashion Fix to do a little shoe lusting for the future.


Ahh, the Topshop Ready T-Bar Buckle .. a very sassy pair of heels. I suspect I would find these lovelies impossible to walk in but for sitting on a cocktail stool, Mmmmmm?


The Nimo Two Part Heeled Sandals (Topshop again)are much more likely to find their way into my wardrobe. I love the grey, although they come in lots of colours and due to the block heel and ankle strap look easy to walk in.


These Glitter Brogues from Croon are just so pretty but at £195 more than I could bring myself to spend on a pair of shoes. Pretend I never said that if I come into some money though!

Jeffrey Cambell

How cool are these Digi Spike Loafers from Jeffrey Campbell? These would be a welcome addition in the Fit Foot wardrobe. I think the surgeon would support me in this decision, I mean they are flat and the spikes could deter people from stepping on my poorly foot … girl logic, great isn’t it!

… and finally the ‘if money were no object’ pair of shoes. How about these Givenchy beauties, a snip at £495! Look at that zip detailing, what’s not to like!?


Just like last week I’m off to buy my lottery ticket 🙂

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