Frugal Fit Foot ….

I mentioned a few days ago that the only downside of getting into juicing was likely to be the amount of fruit and vegetables required to extract the fresh juice and the speed at which I would get through them. Both are absolutely true so I knew I needed to find a way to make juicing affordable.

This is where the Cash and Carry comes in!

Cheap Spices, Veggies & Fruit Galore @ The Cash & Carry!

Cheap Spices, Veggies & Fruit Galore @ The Cash & Carry!

One of the nearest towns to where I live has a large Asian community and one area in particular is the place to go for restaurants and shops selling any type of meal, groceries and fashion from the Indian subcontinent.

So, I dragged the other half down there on Sunday (bag carrier essential when on crutches!) and did a big fruit, veggie and spice shop. I was pleasantly surprised by the variety and quality of fruit and veg on offer, but the best part was the surprise at the till … much much cheaper than the supermarket.

We rewarded ourselves with a freshly made Samosa each from a street stall and ate them in the car. Damn they were good!

Freshly Made Vegetable Samossa

Freshly Made Vegetable Samossa

As you can see I bought enough fruit for a good weeks worth of juicing. In addition I bought ingredients to rustle up a batch cook of vegetarian Dahl which I’ll be tackling this afternoon.

Fruit, Veg & Chapattis!

Fruit, Veg & Chapattis!

The spices & store cupboard staples are so cheap. We went to the supermarket afterwards for a few outstanding essentials. The 500g bags of yellow lentils were 89p each in the Asian store, in the supermarket the size smaller than this were £1.34 each. As my Mum says “look after the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves”.

Lentils & Spices

Lentils & Spices

As I type I’m sipping away on the last of the carrots juiced with a piece of ginger … it’s so good. Now I’ve found a way of doing this and not breaking the bank, I think I’m hooked!

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