Onwards and Upwards # 2 ….

Hello February!

Yes, it’s already time again for a little look over my shoulder before hobbling & tentatively walking into this months goals.

January was been a good month for me. I’ve taken great strides (excuse the pun) forward on the foot recovery front. I’m now in week two of the return to weight-bearing effort. I can now put 3/4’s of my body weight through my foot. Today I managed to do the vacuuming and in a weeks time I’m looking forward to consigning the crutches to history, hooray!

I’m very clear that if I hadn’t been setting and working towards goals since my operation this whole journey would have proved so much tougher. I really feel that they’ve helped me stay focused and somewhat calm in a situation I had little control over. I’ve said it before but I was 99% certain I would be a crazy lady by now.

Anyway, here’s how I got on with my January goals :-

Keep a daily food diary – Fail! Completed the food diary for one week. After a week I got behind by a couple of days then couldn’t remember where I was & stopped. Hey ho … I’ve been pretty good the whole month so I’m not too concerned.

Research and book our holiday Done, booked and paid for .. hooray, wipee. I’m beyond excited as we are going to a tiny island in North Ari Atoll in the Maldives for a week in May. I’m very very lucky.

Cook 4 new recipes – (10/1/13) Healthy Chicken Casserole / (13/1/13) Moroccan Meatball Tagine with Lemon & Olives / (17/1/13) Harissa Chicken Traybake with Peppers and Feta / (20/1/13) Oriental Salmon & Broccoli Traybake

Read 1 book from ‘The Happiness Project’ Book Club Picks – The Enchanted April by Elizabeth von Armin, finished 18/1/13. http://www.happiness-project.com/happiness_project/2013/01/revealed-happiness-project-book-club-picks-for-january-happy-reading/

Go alcohol free for the whole of the month – Done, other than a splash of wine in a chicken casserole not a drop has passed my lips.

Have a kitchen cupboard clear out (complete with charity shop run) – Done & juicer in situ on the cleared kitchen surface. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to take the cleared items to the charity shop yet but it’s on the list for this weekend.

Set up a standing order to save for Xmas 2013 – Like a grown up organised person I’ve finally got round to this! 21/1/13

Complete 4 x non weight bearing exercise sessions. To include half planks (knees not toes), side planks (knees not toes), half press ups, cobras, dead bugs and crunches – Epic fail! At the beginning of January I didn’t feel confident enough to tackle this and the end of the month I simply couldn’t be ar*ed! I have minimal excuses now I’m heading back to full weight-bearing so this is moving over to my February goals and will set me up for returning to the gym on March 1st.

Network with 3 contacts / consultancies regarding work opportunities – Done. I reached out to a Manager on a previous contract with an update re availability and requested an endorsement on LinkedIn / I’ve been in discussion with a consultancy regarding two project roles with possible February start dates & I’ve had some promising discussions with contacts in Houston, TX & have submitted my CV (resume) for an exciting overseas opportunity.

So what does February hold? Well these are my goals for the month of February ….


Visit the Dentist

Have a health check at my Doctors Surgery

Refrain from biting my nails for the whole month then have a Bio Gel manicure

Cook 4 new recipes

Make 4 new juice recipes

Go to my London Hairdressers for the first time in 3 months to have my colour, foils and a damn good haircut!

Complete 4 x non weight bearing exercise sessions. To include half planks (knees not toes), side planks (knees not toes), half press ups, cobras, dead bugs and crunches

Write a long outstanding LinkedIn recommendation for an old colleague

Switch my iPAD off at 9.30pm EVERY night

Here’s to always striving and moving forward 🙂

One thought on “Onwards and Upwards # 2 ….

  1. Well done, I think that if I’d been recovering from a foot op, I’d have spend the month sat on a sofa eating chocolate! Switching the computer off an hour before bedtime has been really good for my night-time routine, though harder than I thought it would be! Strangely enough, although they’re not on my goals for Feb, I’ve got to have a haircut (I normally have mine done very 6 weeks but I missed the one before Christmas, so it’s about 12 weeks and my hair is beginning to look a bit ‘Miss Havisham’!) and the dentist, I just need to find one I trust (mine retired) ’cause I know it’s going to be at least one filling!

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