Lift Off ….

Yesterday I went for the first part of a health check at my Doctors surgery which involved the following:-

A blood test to check cholesterol levels
Weight & BMI
Blood pressure
A urine sample
A health questionnaire with the Nurse

I go back to see my Doctor in two weeks for the results but one thing immediately surprised me during the session, my weight. According to the Nurses scales I weigh less now than at my final pre surgery weigh in last year. Yesterday I weighed in at 12 stone 7lb, on 28/11/12 I tipped the scales at 12 stone 8.5lbs.

How can that be possible I’ve done NOTHING! I appreciate it could be weighing in on a different set of scales but I also accept it might just be true, after all my clothes all seem to be fitting the same. If this is the case I am a very very happy bunny. I fully expected to have piled on the lbs over the last few months but Christmas aside I have tried to be more mindful in my food decisions during this down time.

This news spurred me into action and had the effect of ending my workout procrastinating.

Is this Fit Foot in her workout kit? Sure is!

Ready for action ....

Ready for action ….

So, this afternoon I tackled my first workout since November and it was TOUGH! I felt a bit like Bambi, all weak and wobbly (actually the wobble was probably the fat round my middle) but I did it.

It's a start!

It’s a start!

As you can see from my hastily written plan all the exercises were non weight bearing. The planks were 1/2 planks so as not to place too much pressure through my foot and the same goes for the press ups.

Halfway through the sets I thought I couldn’t complete 3, but I did. I also caught myself feeling fed up because I felt so weak but my rational self has reminded the impatient me that is just the start of the fight back.

I’ve the rest of this month until I can return to the gym and I’ve got 3 months to get some bikini confidence and lose that alarming roll of fat from around my middle!

It starts right here and it feels good to be back.

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