Fit Foot Fab Day ….

Happy Thursday everyone, I’m having having a great day so far … I hope you are to!

Firstly today is the day I can officially dispense with crutch #2 … hooray! It’s been a long old road to recovery from November until now but I’m limping ever closer. Theres still a way to go, I have to wear trainers for some time yet so although outfits may look good from the neck to the ankles they get a little let down a little beyond that! I also need to continue with various exercises and massage that I’ve been directed to do by the surgeon and when necessary apply ice to help with the swelling. A small price to pay I think you’ll agree.

The second great thing that happened today was that I found out I’ve won a signed copy of Gretchen Powell’s debut novel ‘Terra’. Gretchen is not only a talented writer but also keeps us all entertained over at the blog ‘Honey I Shrunk the Gretchen.’ Go check her out and thank me later.


Finally, I managed to pick up my crotchet project this evening and complete a few more rows. I invested in a stitch saver so I don’t spend too much time cursing when the hook falls out and the stitches unravel!

It’s steadily looking more and more like the blanket it wants to be when it grows up 🙂


I’m very excited about tomorrow as I’m heading up to London for the first time since November. Its going to be the most walking I’ve done since last year but my plan is to travel up early and incorporate lunch and a couple of coffee stops before skipping (yes, skipping) to my hairdressers for a much needed pampering session. I hope to be sparkly and groomed for the weekend!

6 thoughts on “Fit Foot Fab Day ….

  1. Terra was good, I think you’ll enjoy it! Haircuts are the most marvellous thing, I’m having mine done tomorrow and really looking forward to getting rid of my split ends! Have fun in London, I know I’m totally biased but it really is the best city in the world!

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