Fit Foots Adventures in London ….

After a long day of adventures I’m sitting in my favourite chair, foot elevated and with a cup of tea at my side. Just the right ingredients to write about my trip to ‘the smoke’.

It really struck me today just how frenetic the pace in London can be. Normally I would be one of the masses running around, caught up in my own bubble, in a hurry but being forced to slow down enables you to notice things you would otherwise miss. It will all be back to normal before I can blink so I take this as a gift.

Liverpool Street Station

As planned I headed up to London early so I could pace myself. I pitched up in The Merchant, a restaurant in Liverpool Street Station. I often pop in here for breakfast, more specifically their great Boiled Eggs and Marmite soldiers but today I had lunch.

I chose from the small bites menu and had a Superfood Salad (contained Broccoli, Edamame Beans, Feta Cheese, Rocket, Beetroot & Sunflower Seeds), Gourmet Chips (not the healthiest choice!) and Flatbreads with two dips, the first being Roasted Butternut Squash and the second, Beetroot & Chickpea. Everything was delicious, so much so that I’m now on the hunt for similar dip recipes.


I gave myself plenty of time to hobble over to Old Spittalfields Market and my hairdressers, taking in a few local sites as I went.


Above is Tower 42 with the iconic Gherkin building just behind. Tower 42 is the second tallest building in the City of London. On the 42nd floor you can find Vertigo 42, a champagne bar with incredible views. If you’re thinking about going it’s best to book a time slot as its very popular.



The next two photos are of the window of A.Gold, a shop that specialises into quintessentially British foods. I loved the cans of tea piled up and the sign for Eccles Cakes and Lemon Curd … it doesn’t get much more British than that!

well actually it does! I stumbled across a display of classic cars right outside the market. This beautiful convertible Jaguar caught my eye, very James Bond ….


So I’ve now had my London fix and a great colour and cut courtesy of the very cool folks at Pimps and Pin Ups.

I’m feeling like things are starting to get back to normal, hooray!

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